I Am Looking for a Tablet

Perhaps I am overthinking it, but I have been thinking really hard about what sort of tablet I want to get. You can easily find gadgets and technology here and there all over the web, but the truth is that I have been looking to get something great for a really low price. I saw on Amazon that they had a lot of different tablets, but they actually try to make you use their stuff. In fact I suspect that they could pretty much sell tablets at a loss if they could manage to keep you from buying things from other sources. Obviously Apple does the exact same thing, but they charge like crazy for their devices. It is incredible to see what the least expensive ones cost in comparison to the highest end ones. Obviously the Samsung and Apple devices are better, but it is hard to believe that they are three or four times better than the ones that you can get for sixty bucks or so.

In fact I remember that once I saw a tablet and it seemed like it was really cheap, so I looked at the reviews on it on the web page which had it for sale. The people reported that this would literally heat up to the point where you could not hold it in your hands. That seems like a big deal to me, in a number of ways. You obviously need to hold your tablet, but that is not something that you could not work around if you had no choice in the matter. I obviously need one with a micro SD card slot, which is not so big of a deal. I have a card now, one which has over a hundred gigabytes of music on it and that is a big part of the decision.