Cara Menggunakan XBMC

Langsung saja ke TKP,,,,Sesuai dengan judul kita SERVICE LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY PROJECTOR: “OVERHEAT PADA LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY PROJECTOR”. Air is chilly and holds little moisture at low temperatures; hence, there may be very little matter to be heated by radiation. Unitary systems comprise all the parts of a refrigeration loop, including controls, in a single unit. The fans are designed to be put in in a push-pull configuration.

It is important that diffusers be chosen with acoustical performance, as well as air distribution, in mind. Our cabinet cooling system is designed to do exactly that. An adjustable DC energy supply permits you to specify an depth stage for the fans. That is a necessary answer for prime-performance tools that generates numerous warmth, particularly if that equipment is inside an enclosed area that requires airflow.

Two whisper followers pull air up from the bottom of the cooler and exhaust it out its again. Spaces are divided into three primary categories, in accordance with their top. Even though it is common for air-conditioning to distribute air in a wide pattern alongside the ceiling in studios, it’s a necessity to get through the layer of scorching luminaries to chill the occupants.

If the ambient temperature is excessive, the followers turn on sooner and run quicker. Moreover, the diffusers needs to be installed about 6ft beneath the ceiling, the place the returns are put in, to take full advantage of stratification. Ducted Venting System for Cabinets, Projector Enclosures, Racks, and so on…

In small studios, a diffuser and correct neck sizing should be based totally on acoustical efficiency. TV manufacturing services can be uncomfortably warm, even scorching. The system features two giant 4 half” diameter whisper followers mounted directly into the back panel.TV Cooling & Ventilation