AV Cables & Connectors Reference

Wow! The form of cable that works for one port might not work for the opposite one, and that is why one needs to know the completely different sorts of cables there are and what they do. Among the most popular cables embrace the HDMI cable, which transmits a digital signal and is used to connect to HDTVs, DVI cable, which is used to hook up with computers and projectors and transmits a digital signal, VGA cable which additionally does the identical because the DVI but transmits an analog signal and the RCA and AV cables.

One or more sets are often discovered on TV units to facilitate connection of camcorders , other portable video sources and video game consoles 2 Although almost all connectors, including analog and S/PDIF audio as well as composite and part video , can use equivalent seventy five Ω cables, gross sales of particular-purpose cables for every use have proliferated.A/V Cables & Connectors

What follows is an alphabetical record of the commonest types of connectors used between your new A/V receiver, video show (with an emphasis on HDTV), DVD/CD player, loudspeakers, and subwoofer, with some explanatory ideas and helpful info on getting your system up and operating.A/V Cables & Connectors

The connection’s plug is known as an RCA plug or phono plug, for “phonograph.” The title “phono plug” is usually confused with a “telephone plug” which may consult with a quarter-inch ” phone plug ” – Tip/Sleeve (TS) or Tip/Ring/Sleeve (TRS) connector – or to a 4P4C connector used for a telephone (which is usually, although incorrectly, known as “RJ9”, “RJ10”, or “RJ22”).

Devices mount the socket ( feminine jack ), consisting of a central gap with a hoop of steel around it. The ring is slightly larger in diameter and longer than the ring on the plug, permitting the plug’s ring to suit tightly over it. The jack has a small area between the outer and inner rings which is full of an insulator, sometimes plastic (very early versions, or these made to be used as RF connectors , used ceramic).