3 Ways to Prepare Your Bar for a Sporting Event

When preparing for large sporting events at your bar or restaurant, you have many things to organize in the upcoming weeks. There are many factors to consider as you begin making arrangements to host guests outside of the usual methods of operation, including permits and additional entertainment.

Outdoor Liquor License

While you are well accustomed to serving alcohol within your establishment, it is likely that your city code requires additional licensure in order to create an outdoor venue. This may include rules for additional bouncers, distinct walls and signs preventing patrons from bringing beer outside of them, and noise limitations.

Visuals and Social Media

You will want to ensure that all your guests can see the big game while outside. In addition to large screens to display the event, consider using technology to add to the fun. Have giant buttons reading “click here” for attendees to enter for prize drawings, and encourage them to check in on social media. Consider creating a hashtag for your event and establishment in addition.

Entertainment Beyond the Game

Especially during the commercial breaks, patrons may become agitated. Having additional games such as a bean bag toss, ping pong tables, Jenga blocks or giant checkers can help to provide background entertainment and stem the flow of patrons seeking a refill on their drinks. You may also choose to create a tailored bingo game based on the sport and traditional drinking protocols.

Inviting the public to cheer on their favorite sports team at your venue can be a day of high-profit margins but also high liability. It is important to keep yourself within the law and know which ways are effective to keep patrons occupied and safe during your event. Above all, enjoy the process and be prepared to learn from your mistakes for future events.