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Paving maintenance is done to improve the appearance of pavements by using a variety of tactics to get the best results. Aside from improving the appearance of the pavement, maintenance also keeps the pavement in prime condition. Cleaning is what is known when pavement maintenance is mentioned. Weeds can be pulled off the surface, scrapped off using a hoe or a similar tool this is what weeding involves. Some ways have been known to keep weeds at bay after weeding is done.

Brushing regularly is a way at keeping weeds away as they interfere with the development and establishment of new weeds. The next is using a weed killer which is a chemical substance that destroys and kills the weed completely. Just as the weed killers kill the weeds then the sealants prevent the weeds from settling into the pavement structure.

Thus cleaning involves a process that is easy to follow through. All in all general cleaning involves regular hosing and sweeping which removes general dirt and detritus with the aid of a hard bristled outdoor broom. Pavements that are heavily soiled are scrubbed with a hard bristled brush or broom that is followed using soap that possess specific characteristic. Thorough rinsing is done to wash off the soap from the pavement surface. Also if your paving surface has stains and spots which are unappealing on the pavement surface then there are several treatments that can be done.

Vehicle tires are known to cause scuff marks on paving surfaces and the use of hot water and strong detergent are used to remove it. Rusk stain, concrete, paint and plaster marks are not easily removed unless a professional in cleaning is called upon. Thus luckily this type of stain doesn’t require a cleaning profession and can be done individually. After this is done the remaining stain is removed with soap, water preferably hot and a brush. Beverage, smoke, fire and tobacco stains are removed by just using hot water and soap but if the stain persists then a mild bleach solution is used, then rinsed with clean water and which the run-off water is disposed well.

The first and most important of the tips is to inspect on a quarterly basis. The pavement should be covered during renovation or construction to protect it from damage and even staining from oil or paint based substances and chemicals. Industry specialists are aware on the pros and cons and recommend on the type of sealants to be used and its application. Even though they can be repaved, asphalt is a durable material which ensures for a long shelf life. Cleaning of fuel and oil spills and sealing of cracks annually are some of the maintenance tips that need to be followed to ensure that the pavement lasts longer.

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