Tips for Using a Laser to Cut Wood

Working with wood is a popular hobby for many people. However, a trend that has recently become more popular is using a laser for cutting wood. The fact is, many people think this is an easy process and something anyone can do; however, this isn’t always the case. There are certain tips that can help make sure the desired design is achieved. Learn more here.

Reduce Burn Stains with Low-Tack Masking Tape

When using a laser cutter wood device, the laser beam will burn the wood and then vaporize the material. When the wood is burned and vaporized, it will create smoke. The smoke will move across the wood’s surface, causing an ugly brown or yellow stain on the surface of the wood. A great way to minimize this effect is by covering the part that is not being engraved with low-tack masking tape. This will result in the stain appearing on the tape, which can be removed.

Use Hardwood Rather than Plywood

Many people use plywood for projects but trying to use a laser on this material can lead to a number of issues. Th different glues that are often found in this material may interfere with how the laser cuts, which can make cutting a very thin piece of wood extremely difficult. A better option is to use actual hardwood. This is going to result in a much better and cleaner cut.

Use Denatured Alcohol for Cleaning Burn Marks

When it comes to wood engraving, it is important to clean the wood’s surface after the engraving is done. A person can fill up a squirt bottle with denatured alcohol and spray it on the wood. This can be used to effectively clean off the burn marks that have appeared. Make sure not to use a colored rag, as the color may bleed onto the surface of the wood.

When it comes to cutting wood with a laser, there are several things to consider. Take some time to review the tips here to achieve the best possible results. Being informed is the best way to ensure the look is achieved by using a laser on wood.